When choosing a Managing Agent for your property it is important to fully understand what their role is and the benefits that they provide. Managing Agents are employed by the Board of Management (The Owners), where the Board does not wish to undertake full responsibility itself for the day to day management of the Company.

The Management Agents primary role is to serve the wishes of the Board and to make sure that every effort has been made to maintain the property to the highest level at a reasonable cost to the owners. The Managing Agents are not the Management Company, they are simply the servants of the Management Company. A good firm of Managing Agents will endeavour at all times to see that the Company honours its obligations to the individual owners and that the individual owners in turn, honour their obligations to the Company and each other.

At Abacus we do our best at all times to provide you with the best possible management services suited to your properties individual needs, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of communal living.

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