Our services includes

  • Calculation, preparation and collection of Service Charge and management of Sinking Fund Budget.
  • Obtaining competitive quotes for block insurance, arranging that insurance in conjunction with the Board of Management and handling insurance claims.
  • Obtaining competitive quotes for, and arranging Waste Disposal contract.
  • Scrutinising, approval and payment of creditor’s invoices (up to a sum agreed with the Board of Management).
  • Payment of Staff wages (if applicable) and dealing with PAYE, PRSI etc.
  • Handling correspondence from the Inspector of Taxes and Collector General and handling the tax affairs of the Management Company.
  • Book Keeping, managing the various Bank Accounts of the Management Company and checking monthly bank statements.
  • Preparation of Financial reports for Management Meetings and Annual General Meeting.
  • Dealing with the company Auditors and arranging for the issue of the Auditors’ Annual Report and Financial Statements.
  • Liaising with new owners to ensure that they are fully informed in relation to the workings of the complex and its House Rules.
  • Arranging routine repairs to common areas.
  • Dealing with telephone enquiries and any correspondence from owners or residents.
  • Attending the Annual General Meeting and the Budget Service Charge Meeting.
  • Dealing with all correspondence connected with our role as Management Agents.

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Emergency Contact

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